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To be an effective leader you must be willing to put your people first. To build strong, high-functioning teams there must be a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Servant Leadership is the name of the game.

This isn’t always easy to do.

Through Leadership Coaching we work together to discover your leadership style, its impact on you and your team, and discover ways to take you deeper into your responsibilities as a leader to evoke the best performance from your people. 


My Virago Story

I grew up and went to high school in Forks, Washington well before it was hip to live there. After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Communications, I worked in marketing and promotions at KISW, KYCW and KMTT in Seattle. 

During the first Technology bubble, I moved to e-commerce and helped launch A move to in Los Angeles was next and then back to Seattle for My path evolved from marketing to business development, category management and site optimization. My job at Expedia and my interest in sustainable travel led to a role at the United Nations Foundation's Global Sustainable Tourism Council. My last role in corporate America was leading the internal communications team in the Technology division at T-Mobile. 

I made time along the way to earn my MBA in Sustainable Business, celebrate my 40th birthday with a four month sabbatical to Spain for a language immersion program, consult on sustainable tourism best practices for Balkan government, academic and private sector stakeholders, and write a couple of novels.

Through each adventure, a thread of women's empowerment persisted. I co-founded a women's professional group at Expedia and again at T-Mobile, where I proudly held the role of Chair for the Women's Leadership Network for two years. I have enjoyed actively mentoring women and men throughout my career. 

This latest chapter of my life is proving to be the most satisfying. I spent two years earning my professional credentials as a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach, launched my own business, and completed a 10-month intensive leadership program. This program, led by the Coaches Training Institute, changed my life, gave me confidence to pursue my dreams, and put me on my quest to bring Virago to life! I look forward to speaking with you and helping you find and live your dreams too!