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Coaching for Empowering Women

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What it's like to work with me

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Janice can relate and brings forth experiences as a female leader in Fortune 100 organizations. She is strong and courageous herself, very observable, able to quickly assess and synthesize information, sees your path (even before you may), and truly helps drive you to attain your path while challenging and supporting you along the way.
— TG
Janice has helped me work through life issues, encouraging me to listen to what myself. She has helped me realize that I am at the right place. Often times as I can get caught up in regular life issues making me forget how much I’ve overcome, and appreciate the opportunities I have today. She has helped me realize that I am in fact doing everything I need to do.
— DK
Janice has provided a valuable 3rd party perspective that helps reinforce our company culture in regard to our investment in the team’s personal and professional growth. Janice is a great listener and skilled at asking probing questions to help her clients figure out the next steps on their path.
— MM
When I am around Janice, I feel so happy. She brings out the very best in me. She makes me want to laugh, sing and conquer the world. It is unique to meet a person that makes you feel so good when you are around them.
— AS
Janice bolstered my self-esteem, helped me see things more clearly, encouraged me to take my time, and called me out on cheating/dodging. She is passionate about coaching and about people and their potential; your journey with her will be equal parts inspiration and (mental) perspiration, which is just as it should be.
— ED
She holds her clients accountable - this was probably the single-most effective tactic on her part. Without homework, deadlines, and projects set forth by her, I would have stayed in my miserable state of stasis because it was a familiar misery. She also was impeccable at positively reversing my mental space within a coaching session, as well as reading my mood and needs immediately via voice and tone alone. She always helped me settle with her calm and supporting demeanor.
— KT