Everyone has the capacity to contribute and to choose responsibility.

Everyone has the capacity to lead. Leadership is a choice, and it begins with one's willingness to be responsible for what is happening in one's world. 

Leaders are those who are responsible for their world. 

- Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead by Karen and Henry Kimsey-House

Great leaders know themselves, are clear about their core values, and are willing to make courageous decisions necessary to support their teams and their organizations. They receive the gift of feedback with grace and provide it with equal measures of professionalism and spirit of service. Great leaders can navigate a difficult conversation with political ease and read a room immediately by tapping into their emotional intelligence. Great leaders know when to delegate without guilt and take (and share) credit without ego. Great leaders work at being great leaders.  


According to the International Coach Federation, coaching is defined as “a thought-provoking and creative partnership [inspiring] clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.” 


In Leadership Coaching, our focus leans toward the professional. Together we explore areas of strength and opportunity. We uncover blind spots holding you back and discover what will drive your career forward. We build your confidence along with your skills. 

To help focus our work, I also offer optional 360° Assessments, Leadership Assessments, and Personality Inventory surveys in addition to one on one coaching. These instruments are designed to help you deepen your self-awareness and identify where you need to grow to become an exceptional leader. 


This is hard work and I won’t pull punches. I’ll say the hard things in service to your continued growth. I’ll also celebrate your wins and accomplishments like the former cheerleader I was. I can guarantee you I will be your partner in this journey, standing shoulder to shoulder with you. 

Potential Leadership Development Areas of Focus:
  • Communication  

  • Conflict Management

  • Delegation

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Executive Presence

  • Feedback: Giving & Receiving

  • Goal Setting

  • Influencing

  • Integrity

  • Leading Teams

  • Power/Politics

  • Prioritization

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Work-Life Balance

My client roster is currently full.

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Just the Facts PackagE
  • Discovery Session (90-minutes)

  • Coaching (12  45-min sessions in 6 mos)

  • Private Slack Channel access w/ 24hr SLA


Leader Development PLUS Package
  • Discovery Session (90-minutes)

  • Coaching (23  45-min sessions in 12 mos)

  • Private Slack Channel access w/ 24hr SLA

  • Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

  • GLA360 - 360 assessment


Leader Development Package
  • Discovery Session (90-minutes)

  • Coaching (12  45-min sessions in 6 mos)

  • Private Slack Channel access w/ 24hr SLA

  • Hogan Leadership Insight Series

  • GLA360 


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