You are a Virago. 

Who are we as women when we stand up—courageous, powerful, and passionate? Who are we when we speak truth to power, embrace our authenticity, and our vulnerability? How can we put a word to the feeling, the power, and the energy that wants to be expressed thru us in the world today?  

That word is Virago.

In ancient Rome, a woman who was commanding, courageous, wise, and do the same work as a man was a Virago. 

Over time, the meaning of the word became a derogatory term to demean “aggressive, abrasive, spiteful” women. 

It is time to reclaim Virago and polish it to a high shine with the female beauty and power resonating today. Instead of modifying male terms and phrases - strong woman, female warrior – we can simply declare our sisters and ourselves Viragos.  

A Virago comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Be it soft-spoken or shouted from the rooftops. Let each one of us be Viragos. 

Let us use Virago to channel our pride, our strength, and our power. We are leaders who are ambitious, determined, compassionate, and most importantly, connected. We come together, standing shoulder to shoulder, to harness our collective energy to manifest our power and our intent. This is not a battle to overcome or dominate anyone. This is the opportunity to bring feminine wisdom, harmony, and equality to the world. 



- Janelle Monae