Welcome to i am virago

The site for women (and men) who are ready to tap into their inner Virago spirit, deepen their self-awareness, and become the leaders they were meant to be.

Being a Virago means accessing your inner strength and boldly going after what serves you. I coach those who are ready to say, “What’s next? I’m ready to be bigger, bolder, louder, prouder, and more satisfied in my work and my life.”


I could not be more excited about accomplishing one of my lifelong goals—becoming a published author!

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As a coach, I help you find your inner guide and personal direction while also meeting you right where you are today. I help you break through self-imposed boundaries by listening closely to what you're really saying, identify the self-limiting beliefs beneath your story, and help you see how you can grow beyond them.

I hold you accountable to your goals while also providing directed support and resources to help you get there. My sessions are equal parts inspiration and perspiration, helping you open the doors within yourself to get to the next level of You.

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